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The Warnock Agency has streamlined the surety bond process so that bonds can be delivered quickly and with less underwriting.

Our bond categories are: Title Bonds; Auto Dealer Bonds, Lottery Bonds, Probate Bonds, Janitorial/Dishonesty Bonds, Transportation Bonds; Mortgage Broker Bonds;
Instant Issue Bonds.

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Title Bonds

Title bonds are necessary when the
chain of ownership of a vehicle has
been broken. We have surety
websites specific to the following

The Warnock Agency Inc.
Surety Bond Experts!
Auto Dealer Bonds

We provide Used Auto Dealer
Surety Bonds in most states. Our
Auto Dealer surety bond program is
designed to give great rates based
on credit score and still offer
finance terms for those with less
than perfect credit.

Auto dealer surety bonds begin
at $100 but the rate will vary
based on the requirements of
each state.
Lottery Bonds

Lottery bonds are required in several
states for convenience stores and
other retailers of lottery tickets. We
write lottery surety bonds based on a
review of the store owner's credit.
Most quotes on lottery bonds are
given in 24 hours or less.

Lottery bonds are written in
different amounts per the
requirement of each state. The
lottery bond is similar to a tax
bond and is needed to guarantee
that a state receives lottery
revenue that the retailer collected.
Probate & Court Bonds

Probate bonds include
administrator bonds, estate bonds,
guardian bonds, conservator bonds
and executor bonds.

Probate bonds are underwritten
on personal credit score,
attorney involvement and size of
bond. We have in-house
authority to issue most probate
bonds. Bond decisions are
normally made in less than 24
Janitorial Dishonesty Bonds

Cleaning companies and contractors
often need to be bonded. We offer a
low-cost, highly regard surety bond
for janitorial and contracting

Dishonesty and Janitorial Bonds
are based on number of
employees and the size of the
bond. Janitorial and cleaning
bonds start at $125. The
application for the dishonesty
bond is simple and online.
Transportation Bonds

Transportation bonds are for
trucking companies and freight
brokers. The transportation bond
includes surety bond form BMC-84.
In addition, many states have over-
axle bond requirements and toll
payment bond requirements.

BMC 84 bonds are based on
credit score and experience.
The $75,000 broker bond starts
at $938 but can be as high as
$10,000. Quotes are provided
within 24 hours on transportation
broker bonds.
Mortgage Broker Bonds

Mortgage broker bonds and
mortgage lender bonds are
underwritten on credit. We have a
special program for mortgage broker
surety bonds and lender surety

In addition to bonds required by
specific states, we also provide
Form 15 Fidelity bonds that meet
the requirements of all
warehouse lines. The Form 15
bond is commonly referred to as
a Banker Bond.
Instant Issue Bonds

We have developed an instant
issue program for surety bonds.
Many state, city and county bonds
can be purchased immediately
online through our website.

These bonds are typically
license and permit bonds. Bonds
are purchased immediately and
delivered via e-mail, mail and
Fed Ex. Surety bonds are
available by state categories.
Process Server Bonds
We have made it very simple to
have your process server bond.
We provide California process
server bonds, Oklahoma process
server bonds. We also have the
lowest rate on Florida process
server bonds.

Process servers that need to be
licensed in Georgia, Tennessee,
Montana, New York and
Nebraska can also use our quick
and inexpensive process server
bond website.